Dead Cells Lands on Early Access With Brutal New Trailer

Dead Cells is here at last, or at least here in Early Access form.  The metroidvania-roguelike (which really needs a new genre name) popped up last fall both at gaming shows and with a busy Twitter feed showing off bits of gameplay, and both showed off the game nicely enough to have it rocket to the top of the Anticipated list.  The combination of detailed art and the promise of technique-based combat made for an irresistible coupling, and based on the demo I got to play back at PAX East and the incredibly positive user reviews just from the first day on Steam it looks like Dead Cells is living up to its potential.  While waiting for a proper, full preview, though, check out the video below to get a sense of the game’s combat, and the sense of victory earned by surviving the worst it has to throw in your face.