Gearbox to Hire Entire Graduate Class to Work on VR

Gearbox Software, the developer behind the Borderlands series and the more recent first-person MOBA, Battleborn, has hired a class of 16 grad students from SMU Guildhall to help create a new VR game, according to a post on the university’s website.

The students will be hired right after they graduate on May 20, and will begin work on the research and development of Gearbox’s first venture into Virtual Reality. Brian Burleson, Gearbox’s Senior Software Producer, was the one who made the big hire. “The quality of the education and experience the Guildhall students have earned has motivated Gearbox Software Senior Producer, Brian Burleson, and myself to custom-build a new team around the 16 graduating Guildhall artists, programmers, designers and producers that will be joining a key Virtual Reality project this month at our headquarters in Frisco, Texas,” said Randy Pitchford, President, CEO and Co-Founder at Gearbox Software.

The team is made up of SMU’s designers Michael Feffer, Alexandre Foures, Steve Kocher, Jacob Lavender, and Sam Pate; artists Devanshu Bishnoi, Nina Davis, Taylor Gallagher, Taylor McCart, and Mace Mulleady; programmers Taylor Bishop, Nicholas Dorbin, Benjamin D. Gibson, Clay Howell, and K. Komal Shashank; and producer Mario Rodriguez.

SMU Guildhall is known for their game development program, and are one of the leading schools in terms of VR development. Students are taught how to make 2D, 3D, and VR games, and are tasked with making games as group projects as well as individual ones. To learn more about their program, you can visit their homepage.