Your Overwatch National Committee is Set

With the Overwatch Wold Cup looming people around the world voted for their nation’s committee and now they’ve been revealed.

If you head on over to the Overwatch website you’ll notice now that you can sign in and check out who’s been selected to your nation’s committee. While you can’t see everyone’s committee you can see and learn more about who was selected to yours. For the United States, it was Ster, KyKy, and Jason Kaplan.

Those names should sound familiar as they’ve been pretty well-known players in the Overwatch scene. Ster played for the national team last year and KyKy founded the C9 team that’s done pretty well for themselves. Kaplan has been a content creator and caster since the beginning and all three have routinely finished in the top 500 players on the server since at least Season 2. So it’s safe to say that our committee is at least good players in their own right.

With their selections being confirmed and the groups being seeded and finalized, all that’s left is for the committee to pick their players and the for the games to begin. There’s no timetable set for either, but the news seems to be flowing pretty quickly so I’d expect something in a few weeks.

You can check out both the committee and the team seedings here.