Dive Into the Audio Techno-Flow of Polybius With Streaming Soundtrack

As a rule Llamasoft games are known for having music as vibrant as the game it enhances, from the classic Tempest 2000 to the more recent TxK, and Polybius is no different.  The soundtrack fits the game perfectly, pumping techno-chill vibes through a manic shooter that’s somehow relaxing to play.  Yesterday’s release of the game also came with the soundtrack being made available, free to stream on Bandcamp or toss a few monetary units to download as your very own.  It’s a great collection of 33 tracks (plus the 75-minute Continuous Mix) just sitting there waiting to be heard, so if you haven’t had a crack at the game itself then at least plug a few nice tunes into your skull.

The Polybius soundtrack can be listened to/downloaded right over here.