Snag Dungeons II for Free

The Humble Bundle Spring Sale is going on right now, and there are some pretty good deals there. Items like Dark Souls III and Doom for 50% off is pretty sweet. Snagging a copy of Prison Architect for 75% is also nothing to sniff at, either. I’m a little concerned for my wallet, truth be told.

Fortunately, there is one item in the sale that won’t put me further into debt: RealmForge Studios’ Dungeons II. That one is going for free for the next couple of days. As a fan of Dungeon Keepers 1 and 2, it’s cool having a modern title act as a throwback to the classic series. Recruiting monsters to slay the goody-goody heroes is always good fun. Our reviewer thought so too. Again, this is a limited time thing, so don’t wait on it.