New Sundered Trailer Calls to Resist or Embrace

On the eve of their closed beta, developer Thunder Lotus has revealed a new trailer for their upcoming Kickstarter game, Sundered, and it is haunting.

The trailer, simply titled “Resist” shows of some gameplay, and even some boss gameplay, from the first area of the game. An alarmed character speaks in the background, talking about how the cult they seem to be trying to infiltrate has become violent and stresses the need for backup. All of this is coupled with a look at some of the creepy, weird and beautiful things going on in the cult, including a man putting on a mask whilst sitting in a chair, and subsequently being possessed and consumed by the chair. Pretty nuts.

You’ll also notice the tagline, “Resist or Embrace,” which has to do with the magic of Sundered. The cult you’re fighting uses the corruption to make themselves more powerful, and you can make that decision too; whether to embrace the corruption or resist its temptation. Check it out for yourself:

Promising massive boss fights, replayability and an intriguing story, Sundered is a metroid-vania with horror elements thrown in and all presented in the unique art style that Thunder Lotus made a name for themselves with with their first game, Jotun.

Sundered comes to PlayStation 4 and PC in July of this year.