ARMS Announces Free Updates and Global Punchfire

There were some big announcements during the ARMS-centric Nintendo Direct but it seems like fans just can’t wait any longer! It was revealed during the event that freebies are on the way and coming very soon.

Nintendo will continue to update the game by adding new fighters, stages and arms. It will most likely come in waves the same way Splatoon did with something being released basically every month. These are planned to be free updates but could happen to change, we shall let you know if that happens.

However, right this very minute, potential ARMS fanatics can download a demo of the game. It will not be playable except on certain dates for the ARMS Global Punchfire! It kicks off on May 26 in North America (May 27 elsewhere) and lasts for the weekend then comes back the following week. See the dates below and be sure to check back for more ARMS info.