Mini-Games Make An Appearance in ARMS

You can guarantee that one of the more hidden traits behind a good game is the presence or off-shoot of mini-games that can make a five minute detour from the core gameplay into a full hour invested in what might be a very basic concept/premise. Well ARMS, Nintendo’s upcoming fighting game, is the latest title to offer players the possibility to wind down (or perhaps get wound up even more) with a series of optional modes and games alongside its base competitive modes.

On top of a conventional volleyball mode, titled V-Ball, that pits players on either side of a court — attempting to prevent an explosive ball landing in their half — there’ll also be a take on basketball using ARMS’ gameplay via Hoops, requiring players to grab their opponent and throw them into the required ring to score points. There will also be single-player, score-based modes in the form of 1-on-100 which has you take out a hundred opponents in the fastest time, as well as Skillshot involving taking out as many targets as possible.

Finally, as briefly shown and touched upon in a previous Nintendo Direct, currency that you earn in battles can be spent in the target range-styled Arms Getter, allowing you to unlock new arms and even upgrade already-acquired ones likewise. ARMS launches for Nintendo Switch on June 16.