Ship-Crafting Arcade Shooter Nova Drift Gets Explanatory Kickstarter Trailer

Nova Drift wandered onto Kickstarter the other week and has been slowly ambling towards its funding goal ever since.  The game is an asteroids-style shooter where you customize your ship as it levels up, with over 80 mods to choose from that interact in different ways to allow you to craft the perfect ship for your play style or just toss things together to see how they interact.  The ship you build one game will be very different from the next, depending on what shows up on the level-up screen, and the trick is to exploit your new powers to their full potential.  Sniper ship, wall of firepower, or even a ram that regenerates explosive shields are all viable builds, with many more to discover along the way.  There’s even a build highlighted on the Kickstarter page where the main ship has sacrificed both weapons and shields and transferred all that power to an army of overpowered drones.

The gameplay video below shows these systems in action, with the player creating a ship that uses a burning shield that eventually explodes when drained to keep the smaller enemies at bay while its overpowered sniper gun tears through the bigger critters.  The simple shapes and colors of the enemies pop out nicely against the more detailed space environments (although black asteroids against a black background could use a re-think) and there are a good number of different aliens to shoot against in just the one round.  Nova Drift is the new game from the developer of Last Horizon, which I also quite liked, so check out the trailer below and maybe give its Kickstarter a look to see if its one you’d want to support.