SKT Take on Flash Wolves to Kick Off Knockout Stage

Later today SK Telecom T1 will go head-to-head with the Flash Wolves at the start of the knockout stage.

SKT blazed through the knockout stage with an 8-2 record seemingly having little difficulty with any of their opponents. Their first loss, however, came to the Korean kryptonite Flash Wolves who seem to be the only team in the world with the ability to consistently trip them up.

While Flash Wolves may have gained the advantage against the defending World and MSI champions, now they have to beat them in a BO5 which is entirely different.

The Flash Wolves finished up at the bottom of the Knockout Stage due to a rough start to the festivities. When everything kicked off they were thought to be one of the top teams in the tournament due to their great displays at international tournaments in recent history. After a few matches, MMD seemed to get his legs under him a bit and the team improved overall gaining a spot in the Knockout Stage, but they’ll need MMD to keep his play up if he’s going to have a chance against Huni, one of the best top laners in the world.

Regardless this should make for a great series and has a good chance of going the distance. While Flash Wolves can trip up SKT I doubt they’ll take them down here. You can catch all the action here.