Charles the Self Driving Car is Tearing Up the Roads of GTAV

At this very moment, Grand Theft Auto V has a new resident that’s arrived in town: Charles, the self-driving AI. Or what sentdex (Charles’ creator) calls “a convolutional neural network that learns to drive through deep learning.”

If you’re someone who likes to watch random video game related content that is nothing but experimental, this is right in that wheelhouse.

Charles might not be the best driver, but that’s also not entirely his fault. The way Charles takes in information is a bit archaic with the ability to only take in a single frame at a time using pixel data deciding what the best option would be for the situation in front of him. It was only a week ago that Charles received memory, improving his driving immensely. It also doesn’t help that he is only seeing in black and white, but that should be fixed soon. Hopefully making Charles quick time decision making skills not constantly make him drive into the ocean (I just checked in, he’s in the ocean). Luckily Charles will always reset himself, usually somewhere on a highway facing towards oncoming traffic.

The Python program that Charles uses isn’t exclusive to GTAV, either. Python can be used for a myriad of games and sentdex even provides a breakdown of how Charles works in GTAV. If you’re really curious about how Python works, then guess what, it’s open-source.

For now, just watching Charles tear up the roads of Los Santos is a joy on its own. Charles isn’t so much a drunk driver as a really bad driver. Imagine more senile than anything. Charles usually speeds leading me to believe deep down he probably wants to be a race car driver. Specifically looking to join DiRT 4 most likely… at least by Twitch chat standards. Even when not watching and having it on in the background, hearing explosions in the background brings a smile to my face making me wonder what trouble Charles is getting into.