CLG is Amping Training Up for the Summer

CLG is pulling out everything they can to be ready for the upcoming Summer Split.

When it comes to eSports training what all do you do? Other than playing the game there are a wealth of options out there, much like any sport, to increase your team’s chances of winning. If you want a look into what some teams do here’s one for CLG and their training regimen this Summer.

In order to get ready for the upcoming split, the team has taken residence at the Sports Academy Esports where every portion of their day has been planned out. Along with scrimming, the team will be taking up mental and physical exercises to further increase their growth. Some of the things taking place will be cryotherapy, mental stress training, team building, physical performance tests, yoga, and recovery sessions. All meals are being cooked by a head chef and all activities will be filmed so we can all get a glimpse into this training.

CLG has already posted two videos for everyone over on their facebook page and it looks interesting. Whether this helps them out next split will also be good to follow. You can check out the videos here and here.