Injustice 2 Character Guide: Black Canary

Official Bio

Affiliation: The Insurgency | New Character

Dinah Lance nearly sacrificed everything in her fight against the Regime but was forced to flee, before the fight was done. Now, with Batman restoring order, Black Canary has returned home to set things right, vowing to never again silence her canary’s cry.

Base Stats


Ability Defense Health
1100 1100 950


Special Moves

Black Canary is a brawler and is best used up close. She has an assortments of parries that turn her opponent’s strength against them, as well as some powerful kicks. Her handsprings allow her to easily escape an enemy’s reach.

Special Move

PlayStation 4

Xbox One

High Parry Down, Forward + Square Down, Forward + X
Low Parry Down, Back + Square Down, Back + X
Soaring Knee Back, Forward + Triangle Back, Forward + Y
Canary Drop Down, Back + Triangle Down, Back + Y
Front Handspring Down, Forward + X Down, Forward + A
Back Handspring Down, Back + X Down, Back + A

Character Power – Canary Cry (Circle/B)

Black Canary unleashes an earth-shattering scream that damages and disorients the enemy. There are three tiers of strength:

  • Tier 1 – Yellow at the bottom of the screen, this attack is short-ranged and will only stun opponents for a short amount of time
  • Tier 2 – Orange at the bottom of the screen, this attack is medium ranged and stuns a bit longer
  • Tier 3 – Red at the bottom of the screen, this attack can reach any distance and will cause enemies to fall to the floor

Supermove – Sonic Scream (R2+L2/RT+LT)

Black Canary will jump into the air, and the enemy must be diagonally in front of her and not blocking. Her scream will then pound the enemy into the ground, and she’ll finish the move with Canary punch to the face.