Offroad Biking Hits Greenlight with Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Mountains are incredible things, filled with diverse landscapes on a single one and coming in a number of styles.  The Rockies are very different from the Andes, which are distinct from the Appalachians, and even in the same range a mountain in, for example, Georgia is won’t be much like one in Maine.  They’re also perfect playgrounds for gaming, whether it’s Mount Chiliad in Grand Theft Auto or Tall, Tall Mountain in Mario 64.  Mountains are landscapes with serious personality, and while it may take focused effort to hike up one, biking down is incredibly fun.  It also, of course, takes a focused effort not to become one with a tree, as evidenced by the Lonely Mountains: Downhill trailer.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill sets you at the top of a mountain with a bike and a helmet and lets you go down it any way you’d like.  Stick to the path, find hidden routes, or go offroad to find a more free-form course over cliffs, rocks, and trees; whatever gets you to the bottom in one piece is the right way to go.  The goal is to reach the bottom as quickly as possible but it’s not like a swarm of Skate Or Die bees is going to nag you if you decide to go sightseeing, so there’s no reason not to soak up the low-poly ambience while biking alongside a mountain lake.  Each level is open to explore, and while the different mountains aren’t connected in a single ultra-level, they’re all unique, hand-crafted little worlds to peddle through.

Lonetly Mountains: Downhill is currently on Greenlight looking to get out of there as quickly as possible.  Check out the trailer below then head on over to give it a hand.  While the game is in early alpha and a long way away from its estimated 2018 release, the quicker it’s got an official home is the quicker we get to play it.