SK Telecom T1 Win the Mid-Season Invitational for a Second Straight Time

SKT T1 have beaten G2 Esports 3-1 to retain their Mid-Season Invitational Title and status as the best team in the world.

It wasn’t the simplest of series of SKT but after a rough first game and losing the second they managed to regain control and finish out the series. The first game saw G2 get out to a huge lead with Trick camping mid lane and Perkz collecting three quick kills on Faker. SKT rebounded from the rough start and won a team fight by Baron allowing them to generate a 7 thousand gold Baron power play and finish the game shortly after.

Game two had much of the same follow with G2 getting out to another early lead, but this time they dominated from start to finish and didn’t let up. They took game two and immediately made a series out of things. That unfortunately for them would be their last win and best performance of the tournament. SKT would finish the series with dominating wins in both game three and game four.

That’s it for MSI 2017. SKT are continuing their run as the greatest eSports organization and dominating whatever tournament they find themselves in. Now we have to wait until Worlds 2017 to see more international matchups and if anyone can stop their run.