BioWare’s new Writer Confirms the Development of a New Dragon Age title

A new Dragon Age game is in development, and Alexis Kennedy, co-creator of the indie title Sunless Sea confirmed that he will be working on the next game in the series. Having moved onto becoming a freelance writer, Kennedy worked on a number of titles until he took the role of a guest writer for the upcoming Dragon Age title.

Kennedy told Eurogamer in a recent interview:

“There are huge differences between all of that and what I’m working on at BioWare, which I can now legitimately say is in the Dragon Age franchise although it has been known for a while. Notionally it was a secret but, because of who I was working with, everyone who cared knew. And then the day I started, Mark Darrah [executive producer of the Dragon Age franchise] tweeted saying ‘welcome to the Dragon Age franchise’, so I thought, well, I guess that’s official now then.”

Kennedy didn’t go into in depth specifics about his role, but did confirm the newest addition to the series will be segregated from the other titles. He did iterate that the game’s subject matter is familiar – could it mean something with a steampunk and nautical twist like Sunless Sea?

EA hasn’t said anything more than: “it’s a pleasure having Alexis involved with BioWare, but we have no new information to share regarding Dragon Age at this time.”