Best of Indie Legends Bundle Brings Freedom Planet and Skullgirls for Under $4

Indie games have had a huge increase in popularity over the past decade, and the Best of Indie Legends bundle from Bundle Stars brings some of the best together. For a rock-bottom price of a mere $3.49, you get Viscera Cleanup Detail and its House of Horror DLC, UnEpic, Insurgency, Freedom Planet, Skullgirls and its 2nd Encore DLC, Lethal League, Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball, and Memoria. Getting these games separate would cost you over $100 – and even the DLC for Skullgirls costs five times more than this bundle does. If you’ve ever wanted to just that, it’s a no-brainer and anyone who hasn’t tried Freedom Planet owes it to themselves to give it a shot with this deal.