Injustice 2 Character Guide: Brainiac

Official Bio

Affiliation: Himself | New Character

Brainiac is a megalomaniacal genius who roams the universe, collecting knowledge to increase his intellectual and scientific prowess. Obsessed with establishing his superiority, Brainiac captured Krypton’s greatest cities, then eradicated what remained…or so he thought. Tales of the “Last Son of Krypton” have reached far into the stars. Now, the Collector of Worlds comes to Earth to finish his accumulation of Krypton — and discovers a new world worthy of his collection.

How to Unlock

Brainiac is the only locked character in Injustice 2, but is easy to get. Players will only need to beat the campaign to get him.

Base Stats

Strength Ability Defense Health
1150 1050 1000 950

Special Moves

Brainiac in the Injustice universe is one that loves to use his tentacles. The extra appendages not only help his range, but also serve as deadly tools in battle.

Special Move PlayStation 4 Xbox One
Tendril Swing (Air)

Close Tendril Swing (Air)

Far Tendril Swing (Air)

Down, Back + Square

Down, Back + Square, Back

Down, Back + Square, Forward

Back, Forward + X

Down, Back + X, Back

Down, Back + X, Forward

Tendril Thrash Down, Back + Triangle Down, Back + Y
Dox Drill Down, Forward + Triangle Down, Forward + Y
Pneumenoid Dive (Air) Down, Back + Triangle Down, Back + Y
Cybernetic Charge Back, Forward + X Back, Forward + A

Character Power – Beta Barrage (Circle/B)

Brainiac orders a Beta to attack the enemy:

  • Beta Strike (Circle/B) – A Beta flies at the opponent
  • Beta Bomb (Down + Circle/B) – A Beta drops an ion bomb on the opponent

Supermove – Skull Ship (R2+L2/RT+LT)

Brainiac sends a tentacle forward to grab the enemy. This move is blockable, and Brainiac can be up to medium distance from the opponent. If successful, Brainiac kicks them across the arena where four Betas drop down to hold the enemy in place. Brainiac’s Skull Ship appears above and fires a powerful laser on the enemy.