Square Enix Staffing Up for Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix has posted some new recruitment ads on their official website for the Final Fantasy VII remake. Business Division 1 is the section responsible for producing the Final Fantasy VII remake and each of the ads involve statements from development heads Yoshinori Kitase, Tetsuya Nomura, and Naoki Hamaguchi. What’s peculiar in Kitase’s statement is that it sounds like Final Fantasy VII Remake is just entering development phase.

“For this project, we aim to surpass the original work in terms of quality by increasing the number of staff to strengthen the core company development as we head into the development progress phase.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake was revealed back in 2015 so it seems odd now that they are heading into development phase. Nomura, director of the project, said that after twenty years Final Fantasy VII’s popularity is starting to die down so this remake is in faith of keeping relevant to modern gamers.

“I promise you that now is the best time for creators to display experience and abilities, for this title with high expectations from around the world,” said development leader Hamaguchi.
Given this information, it’s unlikely we’ll see anything regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake at E3 or for a while, but we’ll keep you informed once that information arrives.