Stylish Brawler/Strategy Hybrid Aztez Due Out This Summer

The indie gaming scene definitely loves unique concepts, and it is indeed hard to top a concept like a hybrid of beat-’em-up and turn-based strategy games with an ancient Aztec backdrop and a slick monochrome color scheme. Such is what developers Team Colorblind will be bringing to the table with Aztez, and after having spent years in development, the game is now finally set to come out this Summer.

If you’re wondering if that’s a typo or not in the game’s title, then let it be explained that Aztez refers to a group of elite close combat warriors that you deploy across the Valley of Mexico in the game’s strategy portions, and then control in real-time combat during the more brawler-oriented segments. As seen in the new trailer below, things get bloody rather quickly, ramping up in intensity as the more godlike figures begin to show up. While Aztez has a Summer release window, no official date has been set yet, but the game will also appear at E3 as part of the Indie Mega Picnic, so stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for any potential coverage next month.