Vanquish rocket slides onto PC, New Developer Diary Debuts with Release

It has been seven years since Vanquish came out on consoles, after teasers on twitter, the game is finally available today on PC. If you missed out on this game, it will be a refreshing step into an action game that is filled with intense combat – where the developers even wanted to call it “Space Normandy”; where players are faced with a constant assault from the robotic enemies. Playing as Sam Gideon, a researcher with DARPA, you are outfitted with the augmented reaction suit and the game’s plot is filled with plenty of cigarette smoking and bad one liners. The plot is not what makes Vanquish memorable, but rather the fast paced combat, jump kicking robots, and slowing down time while blowing up anything in your path. Shinji Mikami, the director of the game, expressed that he felt he wanted combat to be fast, unlike other cover-based shooters. The new developer diary on Vanquish gives a look back at the game and insight on developer decisions that made the game stand out from other third person shooters.

Sadly the PC port of Vanquish will probably be as close to any sequel the game will ever see, as Mikami had moved on after Vanquish to create his own studio and create The Evil Within. Vanquish is available for $19.99 on Steam.