Far Cry 5: Meeting the Locals of Hope County

Along with the official reveal trailer of Far Cry 5, Ubisoft also released three character trailers showing just a few of the people that will be helping the newest deputy sheriff to arrive in Hope County.

The trailers not only serve to show some of the fine folks who live in Hope County, before Joseph Seed arrives, but also give a glimpse into just how they will be helping the player.

The first trailer introduces, Pastor Jerome Jeffries, a man who not only has lost people he loves to Joseph Seed, but also the loss of his entire Congregation. Jeffries is far from broken though, stating if he can’t lead his flock, then he’ll become the wolf. Pastor Jeffries looks like he’s packing some serious fire power. Wonder where the deputy will get their guns from, look no further:

Every town has its woes and Hope County is no different. What better place to drown them in, than the local bar. Unfortunately, the proprietor of said bar is the sole survivor of her family, Mary May. Mary seems the type of woman who can relate, she will give you a drink and listen to your problems, but that don’t mean she don’t care for her own. Mary is out for vengeance, and she looks to be dealing in explosives, specifically Molotov’s:

The last trailer introduces family man, Nick Rye, and while he might be named after booze that don’t mean he’s a good for nothing. Nick is a family man through-n-through and just wants to see his baby grow up and fly like his daddy. With Joseph Seeds arrival that dream might not become a reality, but that doesn’t stop Nick from protecting his. Just like his father and father before him, Nick is going to war, but on a different front. Wondering where to get your vehicular needs, look no further: