Injustice 2 Character Guide: Cyborg

Official Bio

Affiliation: The Regime | Returning Character

Victor Stone lost more than his friends at the tragedy of Metropolis, he lost his hope. His anger tempered his loyalty for Superman and he has remained eager to serve the Regime. With the world left unprepared for the looming threat, Cyborg may be the only one who can combat the technological might of Brainiac.

Base Stats

Strength Ability Defense Health
1050 1150 1000 950

Special Moves

Cyborg utilizes the powers of the Mother Box to augment his cybernetic capabilities. A living computer capable of transforming his arm into a canon, Cyborg is able to deliver a lot of pain up close or far away.

Special Move PlayStation 4 Xbox One
Nova Blaster Back, Forward + Square Back, Forward + X
Up Nova Blaster Down, Back + Square Down, Forward + X
Power Fist Down, Back + Triangle Down, Back + Y
Sonic Disruptor

Up Sonic Disruptor

Down, Forward + Triangle

Down, Forward + Triangle, Up

Down, Forward + Y

Down, Forward + Y, Up

Techno Tackle Down, Back, Forward + X Down, Back, Forward + A
Target Acquired

Close Target Acquired

Far Target Acquired

Down, Down + X

Down, Down + X, Back

Down, Down + X, Forward

Down, Down + A

Down, Down + A, Back

Down, Down + A, Forward

Character Power – Power of the Mother Box (Circle/B)

Cyborg uses the power of the Mother Box to create air and land drones:

  • Front Air Drone – Circle/B
  • Behind Air Drone – Circle/B + Back
  • Front Land Drone – Circle/B + Forward
  • Behind Land Drone – Circle/B + Down

Supermove – Apokolips (R2+L2/RT+LT)

Cyborg fires an electric charge at his opponent’s feet. This move is blockable by low-blocking, and Cyborg must be close to the opponent. Cyborg uses his Mother Box to open a portal to Apokolips, which he blasts the opponent into. The enemy is then attacked by two parademons before being grabbed by a third that flies them back through the portal. On the other side is Cyborg, who blasts the opponent and the parademon with his Nova Blaster, eviscerating the parademon and causing large amounts of damage.