Dragon Quest X Release Dates Announced on PS4, Switch for Japan

Square Enix made the announcement during a live stream event for Dragon Quest X, when it first showed off footage of its popular MMO running on the Nintendo Switch.

The PlayStation 4 and Switch versions will cost 4,800 yen each, but the PlayStation 4 version will require a 1,500-yen monthly fee for five characters – while the Switch will have a 1,000 to 1,500-yen fee per month for three to five characters. Square Enix will have a beta version for the PlayStation 4 and Switch from July 19 to August 10, and signups are already available.

The MMORPG is supposedly launching prior to the release of Dragon Quest XI – which is coming for both the PlayStation 4 and the 3DS, with a decked-out Dragon Quest themed PlayStation 4. There’s no specified date, but Dragon Quest XI will be coming to the Switch – via Gematsu.

Dragon Quest X will be releasing for the PlayStation 4 on August 17, and the Switch on September 21.

Below is the game play shown off during the live stream. Starting the video off, there’s quite a delay, and jumping to the 29:17 time in the video will show the game on the Switch, and is then moved to showing off footage of game play on the PlayStation 4: