Echo Fox Bolster Team with Three New Additions

Echo Fox has added three new members to their team for the upcoming Summer Split.

Echo Fox has been in the LCS for a few split now, but haven’t been able to break away from the lower tier of teams. In an effort to get better Echo Fox has added Wang “Feng” Xiao-Feng and Brandon “Mash” Phan to the roster, and Nick “Inero” Smith to the head coach position.

A lot of you may remember Mash from Gold Coin United last split as they tried to secure an LCS spot. Mash has been around for a while and brings a lot of experience to the team in the ADC spot. He’ll likely be splitting time with ADC Keith, but with the roster their running he could see more time based off of performance and the meta.

Feng is a former Team Impulse top laner that’s played with Gate before during his time there. After that Impulse changed to Phoenix1 and Feng did his own thing, there actually isn’t much on what he did after that.

The last addition is one that may scratch heads. Inero may not ring a bell, but what should is that he was a member of Tainted Minds. That Tainted Minds team that had the scandal in the OPL with their living conditions. You can read about a lot of it over at riftherald here. Last I remember Inero wasn’t at fault for anything, but that’s likely his most memorable position.

Echo Fox plans to run a ten-man roster switching out players as needed with matchups and other criteria. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out with so many potential moving parts, but we can likely assume the roster will be the same for a large portion of the split. You can see their official statement on the signings here.