New Injustice 2 Trailer Shows Off Red Hood

Warner Bros. and NetherRealm revealed a while back that one of the DLC characters for Injustice 2 will be Red Hood and today we have the trailer showing the villain off. Like Deadshot, Red Hood uses an arsenal of guns and knives to attack his opponent, but he doesn’t appear to be purely keep-away. While he has shurikens and bullets to keep enemies at bay, his close range attacks appear to have good range and combo potential. He also has a bit of mobility with a dive roll.

Red Hood is the sidekick turned villain of the world’s greatest detective, Batman. The death that lead to his rebirth as a villain was actually made to due to a fan vote. Here in Injustice we can see a little interaction between him and one of his successors, Damian Wayne Robin. The pair have similar personalities, but it will be interesting to see how Red Hood interacts with the rest of the Batman characters. Red Hood will be available sometime in June as part of the Fighter Pack 1.