Journey to a Very Rude Planet in Tormentor X Punisher Launch Trailer

Tormentor X Punisher is an arena shooter with a bad attitude, and it’s launch trailer doesn’t sugar coat a thing.  Why has the pink-haired shooter journeyed to Planet F&*@ You?  Why is she killing hordes of demons?  Who the F&*@ cares?  They’re demons and she’s got a gun and when you put the two together there’s nothing but brutal carnage left behind.  It’s not complicated.  Hop in the arena and get twin-stick shooting until you’ve got a spot on the scoreboards you can be proud of.  There’s no winning Tormentor X Punisher but there is bragging rights for not dying longer than your friends, so as the game screams out, Let’s F&*@ing Do This!

Also, the animated launch trailer is pretty awesome, so check it out below.