June’s Humble Monthly Bundle Has Superhot, Stellaris, Plague Inc, More

Well, it’s the first Friday of the month, so time once again to virtually unbox the latest offering of games from Humble Monthly! Now, in the past, we’ve been a bit critical of Humble for never taking the opportunity to provide a theme each month, usually as good-natured ribbing. But lo and behold, this month they seem to have settled on a theme amongst most of the games offered: Science!! Be it on the more realistic side or the mad side, the games this month tend to have a focus on it in some way or another. And odd theme for the first month of Summer, but let’s just see what we have to work with…

On the more cerebral and serious side of science designed to blind you with awe – we’ll call it the Thomas Dolby side – we start out with Stellaris, Paradox’s hit strategy game all about exploring the deepest reaches of space and forging your own galactic empire, then we head into the RTS game Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation, where you now have to defend the humans you just led into said deepest reaches of space from a horde of killer machines, thus for making a sort of appropriate follow-up. Finally, we have Plague Inc: Evolved, everyone’s favorite simulation game about trying to infect the world with deadly viruses that can, among other things, turn people into vampire-like creatures. That part may not sound realistic, but the game is endorsed by the CDC, and who are we to argue with them?

And on the more action-packed and weird side of science – we’ll call it the Oingo Boingo side – we begin with Superhot, the stylish, slow-mo FPS game where time only moves when you do that also has a nifty meta angle involving an addictive computer simulation. Then we get into some tactical roguelike isometric action with Brigador, having relaunched itself today with an enhanced, Up-Armored Edition, allowing us to gleefully blow away things with giant mechs for fun and profit. And rounding it out is Maize, a first-person adventure game where you explore a research facility that has created sentient corn where you also come across a talking Russian robot teddy bear. You know, typical science stuff.

Oh, and there’s also Shoppe Keep, a first-person game about managing your own fantasy retail store. Sadly, it does not having anything to do with science and kind of ruined things (it also seems to be a stand-in for the Humble Debut, notably absent this month). Our Humble Original this time around is Tiny Echo, a quirky adventure game from Shelter developers Might and Delight, and continuing on from last month, we also get a Humble Comic with the second issue of Kevin Eastman’s Underwhere.

So overall, a fairly solid crop of games, if leaning a bit heavily towards the strategy side of things. But with the Steam Summer Sale most likely looming on the horizon for July, Humble Monthly isn’t ready to go down without a fight this time around, as evidenced by next month’s included game that you can begin playing by joining up or paying early, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. So is next month’s batch going to be all about sheer difficulty? Come back in five weeks to find out!