You Know What Neverwinter Needs? Freaking Dinosaurs

During their Stream of Annihilation today, Wizards of the Coast announced their new upcoming module, Tomb of Annihilation (sensing a pattern here…). Of course, as Neverwinter is the premier ongoing video game for Dungeons & Dragons, it just had to get in on that. Get in on it is exactly what Cryptic Studios has done, revealing this year’s major tent pole expansion for the free to play MMO, also called Tomb of Annihilation.

So, a death curse is ravaging Faerûn, as tends to happen, and the key to solving the mysteries and lifting the paranormal malady lies in the jungles of Chult. Starting at Port Nyanzaru, players will be able to explore the lands of Chult, smiting the likes of the Yuan-ti, undead and, yes, freaking dinosaurs. The best of these expansions also tend to throw in some fun, famous adventuring companions, and Tomb of Annihilation will be no different. Players will be able to team up with the likes of Minsc, Boo, Celest and Volothamp Geddarm, with an “unexpected ally” teased for good measure. There will also be a new end game dungeon and a series of monster hunts to occupy high level fans once the mystery is solved.

This is all expected to hit on July 25 for PC, with the console versions receiving the expansion at a later, unspecified time.