Screenshot Saturday Featuring Black Ice, Pig Eat Ball, Sundered, Many More

Screenshot Saturday isn’t afraid to get completely out of hand some weeks.  This Saturday featured about a million images of everything, making trimming the list down to a mere dozen far more trouble than it was worth to meet an artificially-imposed limitation.  It was a giant pile of unfiltered Awesome this week, and plenty was left behind that could have just as easily been included if only there was infinite time to write about it.  With so much to look at, rather than rattling on explaining how the Twitter hashtag works here’s this week’s selection, all but two of which are animated and much more fun when given the chance to move.

Ooblets- Raise fighting monsters on quite possibly the cutest farm ever seen. While the star of this image may be the demon king’s summoning dance, don’t miss the cool little shades each critter is wearing. They may be cute and one is even wearing a ballerina tutu but that doesn’t negate their adorably badass attitude.

Unnamed- Some kind of dungeon crawler that pops up every now and then with moody, atmospheric screens. A name or a trailer would be helpful but in the meantime it gets a bit more intriguing with each foggy and unexplained new shot.

Hazelnut Bastille- Zelda-ish dungeons that focus more on killing lots of monsters than tricky traps and puzzles.  While there’s a heavy action focus on the core gameplay, you’ll also be spending a good amount of time with the residents of this world, running errands and trading for better goodies and then killing lots of monsters with them.

Planet’s Revenge- There comes a point in the life cycle of a planet when it becomes infested with life that simply doesn’t care about the health of its host environment. Planets move slowly but very thoroughly, so wipe off the ingrates with every natural disaster at your fingertips and maybe the next lot will appreciate what they have.

Sky Rogue- Fly and shoot in the low poly skies as if Sega never stopped making great arcade games in the 90s. The new version just released this morning so if you’ve got it start exploring the changes, but if not Sky Rogue is an excellent arcade-style flight non-sim well worth a look.

Black Ice-  As above, this one is available in Early Access and also completely awesome.  The glowing buildings are data nodes you hack for items, and they’re protected by swarming neon critters that can be merciless in their attacks.  Because you choose which buildings to hack and how many to go after at once the temptation is to push for bigger fights, but that can be a problem when you’re feeling overly ambitious.

MOCT- Co-op action platformer where up to four players can use the individual skills of their chosen character to reach the top of each level’s nightmare. The art style alone makes it a journey worth seeing.

IKIRYŌ- “Haunting lo-fi journey” is pretty much all the information available on this, but the bold pixel art is already striking.

Pig Eat Ball- Princess Bow is going to be married to whoever can win the contest the King arranged to find a worthy heir. Princess Bow doesn’t have anything like the patience required to put up with this steaming load of pig crap, so she’s going to win the arcade challenge be eating and barfing through hundreds of hand-crafted levels.

Sundered- Because sometimes you just can’t name a spell Multi-Fisting Impact, no matter how tempting it might be.

Myriad-  Kind of like a twin-stick shooter except everything is a tool to expand your area of influence.  The big circles on the ground define the area of movement, and while you can venture outside their confines the gravity pulls you back in.  Kill lots of enemies, grow the circles large, then pop them all to rack up a huge chain explosion.  Myriad has been coming along slowly for years and is still a beautiful a riot of color and shattering geometry.

Cenote- “Sci-fi Metroidvania” that’s very early but showing off the importance of getting the background details right. It’s not all underwater but the world that’s been shown off so far ranges from swampy to submerged.

Mr Donovan- Fix your ship, beat up unfriendly aliens, and earn the affection of a few pet critters along the way in a single-player MOBA. One of the nice things about alien planets is they come up with all sorts of fun new color schemes.

Jawbreaker-  Brawler of some sort, very early in development, but it’s character certainly knows how to make an entrance.

Rot Purge-  Voxelized zombie destruction, now with pretty-sparkles to supplement the cubic gore.

Unnamed-  Just a fantastically cool filter that would never have run at that level of detail or framerate the blocky old Gameboy.  Historical accuracy is overrated.

Racing Apex-  More than a loving homage to Virtua Racer, Racing Apex has been looking increasingly ambitious with each new update.  It should be fun to see how some of that detail isn’t completely hidden by the car’s frame at all times.

Bonus Image-

Unnamed- Ooohhhh, ripply!  After a long week it’s always good to kick back with a little soothing eye candy.