Pokkén Tournament DX Revealed for Nintendo Switch

Pokémaniacs around the world can look forward to the first Pokémon title on the new console. Pokkén Tournament DX is a follow-up to Pokkén Tournament on the Wii U that will become available for the Switch on September 22. There are new features and fighters to make sure this version is bigger and better.

You can easily play multiplayer with a friend in co-op mode with the Switch Joy-Con. It appears all arcade fighters will be made available such as Scizor, Darkrai, Empoleon and Croagunk. However, Pokémon Sun and Moon’s Decidueye will also be a playable character and use its archery skills to pull off victories.

New modes such as Ranked Online and Group Matches will be added. There is also a playable demo for E3 2017 to check out and more info to come during Nintendo Treehouse Live.

Check out some of the action in the trailer below along with a sneak peek at Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.