For Honor has lost 95% of its Player Base

For Honor’s first DLC rolled out, and the game – not unlike The Division, has lost a considerable amount of players. Approximately ninety-five percent of players have stopped playing the game on Steam, in relation to The Division, which lost ninety-three percent of its players, according to GitHyp. Even at the launch of For Honor, players started to leave, with issues like server crashes and connection issues – it’s no surprise that the fan base has dwindled, where the current peak number of players is 2,833, where at launch it was at 45,000. Even with the Shadows and Might DLC, the bump of players only increased to 4,700, but now is at an all-time low.

Ubisoft should have seen the signs when players started boycotting for better communication with the publisher, the efforts to keep players wasn’t enough. Does this mean For Honor is finished? If The Division is any representation of how For Honor will carry on – then sadly it probably is, even if Ubisoft releases a campaign expansion and more DLC.