The End is Nigh is the Latest Game by Super Meat Boy’s Co-Creator

Edmund McMillen — the brains behind cult indie titles like Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac — has revealed his latest project and it follows in much the same vain of his past work, with its tight platforming, somewhat-sinister art-style/aesthetic and evident difficult from the get-go. The End is Nigh is what it’s called and surprisingly, we don’t have to wait long to play it. The game will be available July 12 on PC.

A Switch version has also been confirmed and will follow thereafter, though no date for this version has so far been given. The game will come bundled with over 600 stages with an additional twenty-or-so mini-game bonus levels and hundreds of collectibles. A teaser trailer has also been released showing off the game’s greyscale art-style and familiar dread fans of McMillen’s work will find spring up once more.