Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games Will Cost $99.99 in Canada

Believe it or not, but there was a time where games (and not just Neo Geo games) would routinely cost a hundred dollars. Then much like when home videos became widely adopted, games dropped to around $39.99, before raising to $49.99 in the Xbox/PS2 generation and $59.99 since the Xbox 360/PS3. Even though inflation is making an impact on practically everything else in our lives, it seems like games aren’t going to raise significantly any time soon. So long as you live in the states, that is.

Like a Toys ‘R’ Us flyer from the ’90s, Canadians will soon have to contend with new release games costing $99.99 — at least for Nintendo Switch. Major Canadian retailers Amazon, EB Games and Best Buy have listed two of Nintendo’s most anticipated upcoming games — Pokkén Tournament DX and Super Mario Odyssey — with a MSRP just shy of a hundred dollars.

This price hike follows games creeping up to $79.99 in Canada just two years ago. No other publishers have raised the price of Nintendo Switch pre-orders to the $99.99 as of yet, but that could change upon the announcement of more third-party games for the console at E3 next week.

We reached out to Nintendo for comment, but have not heard back at time of writing.