E3 2017: New EA Originals Game ‘A Way Out’ Unveiled

Announcing a relatively low-key and non-AAA title may well be a staple now for EA conferences as part of its new EA Originals library, as the publisher has announced its latest title A Way Out by developer Josef Fares (the man behind the acclaimed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons) and Hazelight, originally shown at a previous Game Awards show. Presenting a story-driven adventure involving a jailbreak planned by Leo and Vincent, two prisoners with different motives who initially don’t know each other, Josef announced that the game is designed for co-op play only, and that while you can play it online with someone, the true way to play it is with local co-op, in splitscreen mode.

A gameplay clip then followed, showcasing some of the scenarios you’ll encounter while attempting to breakout, such as a classic case where you smuggle someone out through a pile of sheets, having one character cause a distraction via a fight. We also got to see that one character can experience a cutscene while another is in control, and basically showed off some unique action as a whole, with some rather impressive graphics to boot, and the unique split-screen transitions being a highlight. A Way Out is due to be released in 2018 for the PC, XB1, and PS4, and it looks rather impressive, so keep an eye out for it. For now, check out the trailer and gameplay videos below.