Screenshot Saturday Featuring Dandara, Tinertia, 4D Toys, Many More

Screenshot Saturday starts early and runs late every week, thanks to various artists in different time zones and certain cheaters even starting a day early.  So long as it makes the torrent of hundreds of images of games old and new that much better then a little tweaking of the time frame is perfectly acceptable, and we can all view the idea of “Saturday” as an artificial construct that can’t contain this much creativity.  Time is a tool, and sometimes it’s better to use a metaphorical wrench to bonk something than for its intended purpose.  This week somehow ended up as 100% animations, not a single standard screenshot to be found, so don’t neglect to give everything a chance to move.

4D Toys-  Not so much a game as a toybox filled with geometric shapes that exist in four dimensions at once.  Due to us living in a mere three dimensions we can only see part of each toy at any given moment, and part of the “object” of play is to understand exactly what it is that you’re trying to perceive while being handicapped by living in a limited reality that can’t display the whole of the object.  It’s ok if your brain explodes, and in fact might be the point of the thing.

Rifter- Run, swing, and slice at just a hair below lightspeed through a low-poly 2.5d action semi-platformer that’s bursting with style.  It’s been a while since I looked at the demo but it was fantastic back in January and is looking noticeably sharper now, so that link in the tweet is well worth a click.

Bevontule-  Tactical turn-based RPG.  The blue weirdness that overtakes the entire scene is supposed to be an indicator ring but seems to have tied itself to the flame from the spell instead.  Bugs are weird.

Unnamed-  Take that, stupid purple dots!  While there isn’t much going on here at the moment beyond a circle swiping at circles, it’s proof that with enough polish even something so basic can be made to seem like a hyperkinetic gameplay explosion of pure awesomeness.

Valfaris-  Side-scrolling action game with a homing tentacle gun.  Repeat- homing tentacle gun.  Pretty sure at this point games are over and there’s nothing left to create.

Genetic Disaster-  The heavily-armed kitten is trying to escape the deranged creations of a mad scientist in a co-op roguelike where every short level rolls up a new challenge to go with its randomized layout.  While this clip is single-player the game is being designed for co-op first and foremost, so the challenges are designed around working together in a coordinated effort rather than everyone running around for themselves.

Unnamed-  Fly your helicopter-cannon around the screen while preventing the bombs from falling off the bottom.  Use the swirling vacuum pull to group bombs together then fire to set of a screen-shaking chain reaction that clears the screen, lighting up the black and white world with a rainbow of explosions.

Junkyard Madness-  Cyber-lady may have had her arms and legs replaced with spikes but she’s still awfully agile.  Not really all that helpful for holding a knife and fork, driving, or anything other than fighting through a colorful action game with a nicely intricate art style.

Violet Cycle-  Isometric action where you’re working your low-poly way up a tower and beating everything into submission on the way.  Knock one enemy into another for a better payoff, mind the heat gauge, and while you’ve got infinite live the score resets to zero on death.  And always, always mind the tentacles.

Dandara-  Lovely pixel-art Metroidvania where gravity is of no concern and the definition of “floor” is whatever direction the surface you’re standing on happens to be facing.  Unlike most games of its type you don’t move by walking but rather jump from one platform to another, constantly realigning yourself to the structure of the level as you go.

Unnamed-  Very little info on this one but it’s got a truly excellent space station and a lovely Earth below, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Witchinour-  The witch Nour lost her spellbook so of course the only way to get it back is to blast through a dungeon in a bullet hell lo-fi shooter that’s as heavy on the firepower as it is the scanlines.

Tinertia-  Twin-stick platformer about a little robot with no jump button but plenty of rockets to send him flying through the levels.  The relatively short levels are designed to be speed-run through, chaining the blasts from the rocket jumps together for maximum velocity so long as you don’t send yourself flying through vicious saw blades.

Will Glow the Wisp-  A platformer without platforms, but instead a few million particles defining the levels.  Being able to navigate anywhere isn’t quite so useful when the boss has mined every square inch of the encounter.

Project VRA-  Obviously a name-in-progress, but if the brainpower necessary for a proper title is being expended on making the game look like this then it’s being put to good use.  Flight sims and VR are a perfect match, and throwing in a flying alien battleship only makes it better.

Bonus Image

Unnamed-  No matter how far the character changed and evolved away from his show’s depiction, Adam West will always be the best screen Batman and the standard for all others to live up to.