E3 2017: When You Give a Mouse A Hand in VR Adventure Moss

A small but heroic mouse is heading out on a storybook journey in the VR adventure Moss.  Quill is a cute little critter, dressed only in a red scarf and green gauntlet, but she wields a sharp sword when things get difficult.  You don’t play as Quill, though, but as the reader of the storybook, albeit in a more active role than simply letting the words flow by.  You’re Quill’s companion, helping her along and giving a hand to get past otherwise-insurmountable challenges.  Activate mechanisms, solve puzzles, and aid Quill in combat to advance, using the PS Move controllers to reach into the world and interact with it.  It’s also worth noting that, while Moss is coming to PS VR this holiday season, at no place (yet) is it said to be PS4-exclusive, so maybe there will be an alternate version somewhere along the line.  No matter what platforms Quill ends up on, though, she’s a cute little critter and helping her survive the adventure of Moss looks like a wonderful VR adventure.