E3 2017: Thrustmaster Unveils Top-of-the-line Gran Turismo Steering Wheel

There isn’t much that compares to playing a racing simulator with a steering wheel setup. Those that aren’t into racing games, this can be relateable to playing a game in VR versus with a controller. The experience completely changes and engulfs the user. Thrustmaster is bringing an extremely high quality steering wheel to the market specifically for the PlayStation 4 and geared towards Gran Turismo Sport. The T-GT Wheel is the product of over 16,000 engineering hours in collaborating with the creators of Gran Turismo. The wheel is based upon three fundamental aspects: the T-GT Servo Base’s tailor-made motorization, a Gran Turismo Sport exclusive T-DFB, and the wheel itself. Not exactly sure what all that means, but the goal is to bring an ultra-realistic racing experience to players who have the dough.

Everything in this wheel has a part name. From the T-DFB to the the TLIN, everything has a science behind it. All of the detailed science behind the wheel can be read here. However, for the people lacking rocket science knowledge, we will give you the basics of what this wheel has to offer. The T-GT will have the best force feedback linearity of any wheel on the market. Handling physics will be ridiculously precise as racers try to master their cars. This allows the cars’ behavior and the tracks’ condition to be precisely reproduced. To produce this feedback, the brushless motor included in the wheel will combine velocity, torque and instant responsiveness in a consistent matter.

While the science behind the T-GT is intense, the most important part will be how it feels. The T-GT wheel, itself, will feature a leather wrapped steering wheel best selected for its grain. It also has four rotary selectors, for direct control of 4 key settings: brake balancing, control of anti-skid systems, torque distribution allocation, and fuel injection mapping. Combine this with 25 possible action buttons (never before seen on a console wheel), two customizable mini-sticks for quick navigation, and a three-pedal metallic-based pedal set for quick and responsive racing decisions. Couple this with a cute little power supply that is shaped liked a turbo charger, and the T-GT will provide the ultimate feel for racers come November.

The T-GT is missing one component that is available to some other wheels and that is a stick shift component. The T-GT does have durable metallic paddle shifters, but for as much as this thing costs, simulation enthusiasts would surely prefer this aspect. It could be something that comes down the road for Thrustmaster, but the company’s history shows that they have not offered this in the past. The unit is going to retail for around $800 and can be seen at Thrustmaster’s E3 booth: Show floor – South Hall – Booth 2813. This would be a very expensive piece of tech to fall in love with, so be warned.