E3 2017: Thunder Lotus Teases Sundered’s Final Boss

Thunder Lotus Games have been working quite hard on their upcoming hand-crafted metroidvania game, Sundered, and are indeed quite proud of what they’ve done so far. In fact, they’re so proud that their latest teaser straight out of E3 gives us a peek at the game’s final boss, in a rather ballsy move. It’s someone you should know if you’re familiar with your Lovecraftian gods, so check out the clip below and say hello to Nyarlathotep.

Imposing fellow, isn’t he? Although in the case of Sundered, it isn’t just about the boss fights, but how you tackle them, since it’s whether you choose to resist or embrace the Eldritch powers the game offers that leads to your true final fate in one of multiple endings you can earn. Sundered will be heading to the PC and PS4 in July, with a more concrete date to me announced soon, so stay tuned to learn just when you’ll be able to test whether or not you can stand up to cosmic horrors such as this.