E3 2017: Witness 30 Minutes of Fire Emblem Warriors

Taken from the E3 show floor, Fire Emblem Warriors had its featured showing as a Nintendo product that might look like another Nintendo spin-off product which featured an existing IP formerly unrelated to Dynasty Warriors. Something about the grand battle hack-and-slash nature of the Dynasty Warrior genre must work for people since Fire Emblem Warriors really brings the series fan-service to a nice, flashy level in this over-the-top kid-friendly mass-murder fest. Witnessing some of the most famous members of Fire Emblem history in a situation where their positioning, stats, and RNG super do not matter might be a fresh change for fans of the characters but not necessarily of the series. Of course, that’s not to say series fans won’t have an interest, after all there’s plenty of kinetic enjoyment in being Xander and feeling the power of royalty that wields a magic sword, riding a slightly more magical horse.

See thirty minutes of Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay below.