GOG Summer Sale Closes Out With Fantasy General Giveaway

GOG’s summer sale is nearing its end date, and they will celebrating with a 48 hour giveaway for Fantasy General. The summer sale concludes on June 20, and Fantasy General will be free until June 18. FG is the follow-up to Panzer General, and is a must for strategy fanatics. The sale itself features a ton of big-name games, including The Witcher III: Game of the Year Edition, and Firewatch. Buying anything during the sale gets you a copy of Rebel Galaxy, while spending $10 or more gets you Alan Wake’s American Nightmare as well. Hardcore Gamer also has a sub-section within the sale page this year – so if you’d like to save on Dungeon Souls, GALAK-Z, either Hotline Miami Game, or a bunch of others, check the link out.