E3 2017: Return to Arcadia Bay as Chloe Price in Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Life is Strange was an emotional journey in which players guided Max Caulfield through her to return to her hometown of Arcadia Bay and reuniting with her childhood friend Chloe Price after a five year absence. One of the aspects of the story of Life is Strange is the disappearance of Chloe’s good friend Rachel Amber, a student at Blackwell Academy. Life is Strange: Before the Storm will once again take place in Arcadia Bay, albeit three years prior to the events in its predecessor. This time players will step into the shoes of the rebellious 16 year old Chloe Price and how her friendship with Rachel Amber develops.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm sees Chloe going through a bad time in her life. Her father recently died in a car crash, and one would expect of a teenage archetype going through a rebellious phase while dealing with emotional trauma, Chloe is on a mission to burn just about every bridge she has remaining in life, including not being up to date on paying off her debt to her pot dealer or butting heads with those in her social circle at an illegal rock concert. An element of the original Life is Strange is Max would snap photographs, and this mechanic returns, but in order to fit Chloe’s mischievous personality more appropriately, this has changed into allowing Chloe to leave her mark on Arcadia with graffiti.

Rachel Amber is an unlikely candidate to become Chloe’s best friend. Popular, beautiful and generally viewed by others as being perfect, Rachel appears to be the antithesis of Chloe’s angst ridden lost soul. As the friendship blossoms between the unlikely pair, it becomes apparent that a glorious exterior may not be telling the full story. When conflict occurs when the two young women clash, one has to wonder what sort of darkness is stewing within Rachel, especially since she and Chloe are kindred spirits.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is going to be three episodes. Every choice Chloe makes will have an immediate consequence to the situation and person she is interacting with, and some decisions will carry an additional consequence that will not be obvious until later in the story. Those who are familiar with Life is Strange will see where some phrases originated with Chloe and Rachel, giving the potential for an altered perspective on how Chloe was in the original Life is Strange. The Rewind power was one of the noteworthy aspects of Life is Strange, but will be absent in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. In fact, Chloe will possess no powers making this slightly more realistic. A major goal of Life is Strange: Before the Storm is to include characters that are easy to relate to and hard, real world problems.

A 20 minute video was released showing pre-release gameplay footage of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. This video will show Chloe attending an illegal concert and her interactions with the people there, a new area called the Overlook with her and Rachel and an area that should be familiar to those who have played the original Life is Strange. While not without its criticisms, Life is Strange offered an emotionally charged experience with an interesting choice driven narrative. Life is Strange: Before the Storm offers a new perspective on familiar characters while keeping much of what made the original memorable. Players will be able to return to Arcadia Bay and experience it from a young Chloe Price on August 31 of this year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.