Best of E3 2017 – Day Two: Indie, VR, Racing, Sports

Over the next five days, Hardcore Gamer will be revealing its Best of E3 2017 Awards leading up to our Game of Show. Today we present you with the Best Indie, VR, Racing and Sports games.

The Last Night

The Last Night is obviously a gorgeous new adventure game, but it also shares a story familiar to so many independent developers. Developer Odd Tales first started working on the concept for a pixelated cyberpunk adventure game back in 2014. Even then, without the polish it now features, people dug the concept. The idea proved strong enough to help it win a cyberpunk game jam on – but the team kept working. Now a few years later, The Last Night has reemerged from its hibernation from the public as a mindblowing release for PC (Windows and Mac) and Xbox One. Unfortunately, we’ve got to wait until 2018 to get our hands on it.

Minit Donut County Ashen Last Day of June


Virtual reality continues to gain steam both on PC and PS4. So far, however, it feels like the library of must-play titles on PSVR is rather slim. As such, titles like Moss are superbly exciting to see coming to the platform. Moss is a single player puzzle platformer adventure starring an adorable mouse named Quill – and the player. Quill moves around the environment for platforming segments while the player manipulates the digital world in order to help her through puzzles. With fun puzzles and a lovely world to explore, Moss looks like a much-needed breath of fresh air on PSVR. We’ll be excited to jump into this charming world alongside Quill when it launches this holiday season.

Space Junkies Sprint Vector Brass Tactics Inpatient

Project CARS 2

Anyone who followed E3 this years knows that there was no shortage of great looking race games, but all contests require a single winner and Project Cars 2 is the one to take home this honor. The attention to detail in making this a realistic and immersion experience is truly impressive, whether this is in regards to the meticulous detail in recreating various tracks and their surrounding environments or the dynamic weather system which not only effects the visual presentation but also factors into how a vehicle will respond to the changing road conditions. Multiclass racing will be fully integrated into single and multiplayer
modes that will feature Live Track 3.0 and a 24 hour day/night cycle. Total immersion can be achieved in this title that supports 12K resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio.

Gran Turismo Sport The Crew 2 Forza Motorsport 7 Need for Speed Payback

The Golf Club 2

With some big names on display at E3, giving this trophy to the much lesser know The Golf Club 2 is something of an upset, but that only makes its victory that much sweeter. Building on its predecessor’s strengths and addressing the weaknesses brought up in consumer feedback, such as making improvements to the putting aspect, The Golf Club 2 has potential to be among the elite titles in running a golf clubhouse management simulator and being a great golf game. The player controls the speed and direction of the swing by pulling and releasing the right thumbstick. Different sets of clubs will have a slight difference in how they respond to this, but there are no clubs with better stats or trainers that can improve player performance. Success or failure on the green is entirely dependent on player skill, giving incentive to practice. Customizable courses were a big part of the original game and thankfully all those can be imported into the sequel. The intuitive gameplay and near addictive level of fun make this a potential underdog sports hit of the year.

Madden NFL 18 FIFA 18 NBA Live 18 Steep: Road to the Olympics

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