Fire Pro Wrestling World Early Access Release Date Announced

Fire Pro Wrestling World will be the first PC entry in the series, and today, its early access release date was revealed. Spike Chunsoft announced that it will be released for $19.99 on July 10 – meaning that in just three weeks, wrestling fans will be able to enjoy the game. The early access version will feature exhibition, tournament, and round robin modes. Within that big envelope, you can have a regular match, a cage match, a barb wire deathmatch, a landmine cage match, , a knockout-only mode, MMA fighting, and the legendary battle royal mode.

This allows you to either have a Royal Rumble-style match or a gigantic match where you can face many other wrestlers and the last man standing is the victor. Title matches and a tutorial will also be enabled along with online play. The franchise’s beloved editing suite will be in full force in early access, and will allow you to make wrestlers, referees, teams, rings, and title belts. New features include strike battles and you can even steal an opponent’s finisher if you so desire. For $20, this already has a lot of content and should last for years. As someone who is still enjoy Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, the idea of getting that same kind of gameplay, but with Steam Workshop support means that this will be a regular part of my wrestling diet for years to come.