Conan O’Brien Takes on Will Arnett in ARMS for Latest Clueless Gamer Segment

The Clueless Gamer segments on Conan are always full of laughs. However, this particular round is much more serious and features plenty of trash talking. Still hilarious though. Conan O’Brien and Will Arnett duke it out in a few rounds of Nintendo’s latest original title, ARMS.

While the premise is easy for both stars to understand, it took a bit of getting used to on Conan’s part. Will was able to pull off some impressive victories, even a sneak attack win when Conan wasn’t even watching. Though the pressure was on as Will needed to take a makeup break; Conan never broke a sweat. In the end it was Will Arnett, LEGO Batman himself, who took the top spot…even after ingesting toxic popcorn.

As punishment, Conan had to record a video praising Will and calling him a hero. It’s all in good nature though as you can tell they were having fun even with the amount of sick burns being hurled. You can watch the footage below, read our ARMS review, take a look at some of our game guides and check out a contest sponsored by Pepsi Co. and Nintendo which Conan plugs at the very end.