The Facade of a Normal House Falls Away in New Visage Trailer

It looks like such a pleasant home.  The decorations are nicely placed, furniture arranged to be useful, and the gentle clutter of the family shows a house that was actively lived in.  How they managed this is a bit of a mystery, though, because the paranormal infestation breaking out of the walls must have taken a good amount of work to ignore.  Visage is a psychological horror game inspired by the canceled P.T./Silent Hills demo, set in a sane, normal environment in order to make the hideous things within come off even worse by comparison.  If you wake up in a dark room where everything is rusted and broken it’s no surprise that void-faced demons with nipple-knives are trying to grab you with their claws for a piercing hug.  You go to a pasture, you get cows; end up in desolate ruins with “AARGH AARGH AIEEE” written with blood in scratch-font on the walls and you get unholy terrors.  The comfortable and familiar, on the other hand, gives room for terror to grow.

With the latest trailer come a few plot details to give an idea of what’s happening here.  The Silent Hill influence isn’t subtle, with the main character Dwayne being haunted by his past and uncovering his ties to this mysterious house by exploring and getting pulled in deeper to its horror and mystery.  The scenes change from normal to insane and back again, much like visiting the darker realms of Silent Hill, and the only thing it’s missing is a musical intro by Akira Yamaoko to drive the point completely home.  (Seriously, two of the best pieces of game music ever.  Silent Hill 1 here, Silent Hill 2 here.  They’re always worth a re-listen.)  This isn’t a complaint, by the way, not only because Visage looks like it’s using its influence well but also because the Konami of the PS2 era is dead and gone.

Visage is coming out when it’s done to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.  Check out the new trailer below for a new peek at the madness hiding behind the comfortable sanity of a home gone wrong.