Beyond Good and Evil 2 Still in Early Stages Based on Demo

What was in the works for a while, with news of development work surfacing as early as 2007, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is looking to be quite different from what was originally anticipated. With a nice pre-rendered trailer this E3, the hotly anticipated follow-up to the cult favorite action-adventure title, Beyond Good and Evil, may seem at least in development. However, from the looks of the E3 2017 in-engine demo of the game, it seems that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is definitely quite early in development. With assets that looked to be mainstays of the game still being works in progress, a game world — while big — with little to interact with, plenty of ambition, and a general mechanics breakdown with a vision, fans may still have to wait longer than they had hoped for this game to come out. In other words, folks, we are just not out of the woods yet on this one. That said, it’s rare for developers to just show what they have so far, so early. There’s technically a game now so for those hoping to see what might become gameplay, there’s an in-engine guided demo below.