NA LCS Summer Split Week 4 Day 2 Predictions

Well, I was half right yesterday with IMT taking down CLG. P1 took care of business and not only beat Echo Fox, but did it in two straight matches. Here are the standings going into today.

1. Immortals

2. Counter Logic Gaming, Team Dignitas

4. Team SoloMid

5. Team EnVy, Echo Fox, Cloud9

8. Team Liquid, FlyQuest, Phoenix1

With a win today IMT can have a strong hold on the number one stop securing it for themselves. P1, with their first win of the split, finally got themselves out of last place and now they’re tied for last along with fellow one-win teams FlyQuest and Team Liquid. Speaking of, FlyQuest and Team Liquid have big matches today. They face TSM and C9, respectively, and that will be big tests for them. Other than time to prepare nothing has changed making this a better opportunity, but going against two teams that are generally at the top is a good barometer for what you’re accomplishing and what you need to work on. Here are the matches for today.

  • Team SoloMid vs FlyQuest (2-0)
  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Team EnVy (1-2)
  • Cloud9 vs Team Liquid (2-0)
  • Immortals vs Team Dignitas (1-2)

TSM shouldn’t have too many issues with FlyQuest. They had some great matches last split, but TSM arguably much better than they were before. It’s weird to say that with them in fourth place, but Doublelift adds a much-needed playmaker to their team that WildTurlte could occasionally fill. On the other side, this is a revenge match for Turtle. After coming back to TSM he was replaced when Doublelift returned from his pseudo-retirement. TSM announced that they wanted to run a 6 man system, but I think we all know WildTurtle wasn’t going to see much time. With TSM being better, in my opinion, in every spot I’m hoping TSM make quick work of this one.

ClG and EnVy is an interesting match for me. Personally, I feel like both teams are very evenly matched so I’m rooting for the “underdog” on this on. To me, everything on EnVy begins and ends with LiRa getting his team ahead. If he can manage that I think they can make quick work of CLG. For CLG it’s the exact opposite or exactly the same depending on how you look at it. I don’t think Dardoch is as important on CLG as LiRa is on EnVy but he does play a big part. If he focuses top and can get Darshan ahead that will help them immensely. That along with their strong bot lane will cause trouble in fights for EnVy. Stixxay and Aprho are absolutely great down there and shown it time and time again.

C9 have had a rough go of things, but had a good showing last week. They split the week, but the important thing is they didn’t flounder against FlyQuest. This is pretty much the same situation as then, but they need to not pull a TSM and give Reignover Olaf. Since the departure of Huni, Reignover has had a hard time being a huge part of his team. That, along with the meta shift to carry jungle champs, made him all but obsolete. In this meta, Olaf is his best champ and allows him to play as aggressive as he used to on tanks. While TSM managed to win that match, Reignover was 5-1 starting out and presented a big problem. For C9 Jensen could possibly solo carry this match and it’ll be interesting to see how well he does against Goldenglue. Glue hasn’t shown much improvement and Jensen had a huge match last week against FlyQuest. They should end this quickly.

Last is definitely the match of the day and it’s IMT’s chance to secure first for themselves. DIG will be harder than beating CLG because the beast in the top lane that is Ssumday. Keeping him down will be incredibly difficult. While Flame is an experienced top laner is the harder regions of League of Legends Ssumday is playing like you’d expect an LCK import to play. He gets leads and solo carries his team to victory. Think I’m joking? He’s only lost on Shen and sports a KDR of 5. His Fiora is undefeated at 3-0 and the KDR for her is 13.5. If he gets Fiora IMT should just ff. Ssumday just adds so much to his team it’s impressive and he hasn’t been stopped but once this split. Overall, he’s sporting a 70 percent kill participation. For IMT it’s simple, fight on your own terms, keep Ssumday from getting incredibly fed, and play macro incredibly well. Super easy to pick up a win here. Just have to do all of those things. I’m picking DIG in this one.