PES 2018 Will Not Be Coming to Switch

Though Konami may have already stated this year’s release will once again be featuring on PS4, Xbox One & PC so far as platforms go, with long-standing rival FIFA seeing its own annual iteration arriving on Nintendo’s system, the Switch, this year, it was unclear whether Konami would do the same and bring their own soccer game to the platform. Sadly, for this year at least, that won’t be the case, Konami’s global¬†product and brand manager, Adam Bhatti confirmed.

“We’ve announced all the platforms that PES 2018 is coming to. But as I’ve been saying to a lot of people, we have a great relationship with Nintendo…as a company it’s a platform that we’re looking at, for sure. So for PES it’s just — we never want to say no, we never want to close the door. Let’s see how it goes…we think it’s definitely performed amazingly well. And we really hope that it continues to do very well.”

From the looks of it, Konami may well be watching the Switch’s success over the next year to decide whether or not future PES titles on the console will be a worthwhile decision. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 launches September 12.