Four Years On, GTA V Is Still Claiming The Top Spot

Who’s left in the World who hasn’t played Grand Theft Auto V yet? Or perhaps who’s financially secure enough to invest in another copy or two of the game? Well, enough people whom have seemingly gone out, bought it and subsequently put it back on the top spot of the UK charts, it seems. For a thirteenth week since it launched nearly four years ago (it’ll be four years exactly this coming September), Rockstar’s beloved fifth entry in the GTA series has reached the number one position according to UK-based sales tracker, GfK Chart-Track.

Climbing two places from last week’s third position, it knocks last week’s claimant, Horizon: Zero Dawn, off top spot — following a recent price reduction — which itself slips all the way down to number eight spot. A quiet week it may be on the release side of things, but GTA V’s continuing commercial dominance, long after its multiple releases across previous-gen, current-gen and even PC platforms shows no signs of letting up.